About Us

“Let people live so the state would live“ – Şeyh Edabali 

Our platform has its signature on articulating social problems, and the implementation, monitoring, evaluation, publicizing of important studies/research about social responsibility projects, in many different themes and areas.


Generating studies that aim to promote and develop human values, and contribute in providing a solution for problems, in the perspective of universal values, to effectuate the public and civil organizations and announce their views, the provision aims to address and contribute to the promotion and implementation  of the projects.


To become a broadcasting organization that is sustainable, responsible and respectful of the universal judgment values, with a high communication skills and social consciousness, in the international platform.


  • To provide guidance and support to the studies that may contribute to world peace and prosperity.
  • To initiate the development of society, by moving the work of the civil society organizations for the benefit of humanity and society, into the spotlights.
  • To support for the implementation of projects in a quicker and wide-ranging aspect, by enabling the civil society organizations to act and work in sync.
  • To pave the way for the civil organizations in Turkey and in the world to strengthen their role and developed their ability to work as efficiently, productively, and actively as the level of work of developed countries.
  • To increase the interaction of civil organizations in Turkey and around the world.


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