Mother and child, hand in hand, the Turkish Fellowship Project

Is a project that aims; to help build a civic peace facility, by enabling

mother and child to spend quality time together, enjoy spending that

time with each other, explore and understand the capabilities of each

other, by reaching to people in different segments, thus spreading to

the society as whole. The project targets to make the educational and

tutorial period a fertile one by having a fun educational experience

for parents and child.


to prevent children aged between 6 year to 16 year old,

joining the mafia and terrorist organizations and involve in illegal



“the Mother and Child hand in hand and Turkey Fellowship

project” Is planned to be launched in 81 provinces. Children in the

age group of 6 to 16 join terrorist organizations and illegal entities

and are received into their formations by force or various known

ways and methods. This situation is occurred primarily because of

children finding themselves in a fruitless space and time; the project

aims to eliminate this situation from occurring. These children who

are the defining agents of society’s unity and cooperation for the

future, given the necessary labor in time, raised with a sense of social

responsibility, possible problems accruing in the future is decreased

to a minimum level. With this in mind, “Mother and Child Hand in

Hand, and Turkey Fellowship project” is of great importance.

With this project we aim to provide important services to enable

families residing in the capital along with families living in other cities

to create a friendship base and carry it out to all people living in every

corner of the country, to contribute to communal peace, social and

cultural sharing, all within the goal of the project.

This project, envisages the preparation of another project for

problematic natured children around the world, taking into

consideration the structural, and other cultural and social status

of their own countries. In doing so, application “sister families”

will provide a real world brotherhood, and as a result our goal to

contribute to the peace of the world, will be met respectively.


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