President’s Message

“The Capital Platform“ is a civilian initiative that conducts

comprehensive studies in order to create a world without distinction

in religious, lingual, racial, denominational and political views

between people, a world embracing all humanity, a world that carries

out the aspects of serenity, peace, happiness and prosperity for the

Turkish people and people of the world, equally.

The people of Anatolian territory, who are considered to be the

meeting point of civilizations and religions throughout human

history, has managed to live together in harmony, in spite of their

differences at the same time acknowledging these differences to be

the varsity that adds wealth to their country. Our people’s familiarity

of harmonious living for centuries, and their civility of uniting through

each other’s suffering, has been intended by the platform, within the

civil organizational field, as a contribution to the formation of civil


The studies that are effectuated by the Capital Platform, are not

limited only to Turkey, but is aimed to attain a more habitable world

to all humanity, through a movement of devotion and peace, that

trades with all its might without acknowledging any boundaries.

“Let people live so the state would live”; is a policy that was adopted

by the Capital Platform as a fundamental principal to act on, a policy

that aspires to serve the people of the world, the Capital Platform

bears the consciousness and responsibility for being a civil society

organization composed by the people.

The Capital Platform, is an international peace and fellowship platform

as well, and after completing its establishment primarily in 25 districts

in Ankara, continues its path in the Turkish Republics, Europe, Syria,

Iraq, Suriname, and the Balkans, within the outline of its mission and

through its spokespeople to achieve the ultimate goal, that is; “World

Peace Fellowship Platform”, and there for approaching the purpose

of contributing in the formation of a happier world.

We believe that; happy individuals arises happy families, happy

families arise happy societies, happy societies arise happy countries,

and happy countries arise a happier world …

During the establishing phase of the Capital Platform, initially

exchanging ideas, negative and positive cases which are linked to the

mission of establishment have been identified, and with the purpose

of consultation and presenting the studies related to these cases,

meetings has been held. At the top of these meetings was the one

held with the Prime Minister of Turkey, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, in

“Dolma Bahçe Palace”. He was presented with a written and verbal

report of these identified cases, within the outline of the Mission, and

information about future studies has been given and consultations

exchanged accordingly, Subsequently, visits has been made to a lot

of Ministers, local administrators, leaders of the political parties,

Turkish and foreign ambassadors and diplomats, bureaucrats, artists,

presidents of the trade room in the business world, and other civil

organizations, to draw a roadmap of the studies and work to be done

in the country, regain, and the world, within the outline of the Capital

Platform’s Mission. With the condition of staying connected to that

roadmap, the platform strives to provide a contribution to the people

of, this country, region and the world, and continues to work with

sincerity and enthusiasm along this path.

As a Capital Platform, with the sense of awareness of social

responsibility in all matters regarding, maintaining our sensitivity

towards the new constitution, we have conducted a wide range of

research to support social peace, along with the survey studies that

has determined the expectations and sensitivities of the society,

the C.P has produced a data report and presented it to The Grand

National Assembly of Turkey (GNAT). As many of the civilian – nongovernmental

– organizations apply to the (GNAT) to contribute in

their foundation, within the applications of the new Constitutional

Commission, the parliament has invited the C.P to contribute in there

studies/work, and acquiring the Parliament commission No. 3 in

the G.N.A.T, we gave a presentation as a civil initiative, on behalf of

democracy and nation, under the view of the Commission members

of the (AK Party, CHP, MHP, DTP).

”The Capital platform of the International Brotherhood of Peace”, has

a vision that prioritises the social consensus, in order to establish the

civil society awareness in our country, and to enable other preexisting

civil organizations to work more efficiently and sustainably.

Believing in the mission estaminet of the “The Capital platform of the

International Brotherhood of Peace”, many associations, foundations,

federations, and co-operations, are progressing commonly in

studies and working collaboratively, along with their Confederation

representatives. Civil organizations, on national and international

levels, are conducting joint studies and consultations, in order to

contribute in providing social peace, and seeking a common solution

for the problems that concerns the people of the world.



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