An International Civil Initiative Journal

The Capital platform of the International Brotherhood of Peace”
publishes within its structure, a periodical newspaper under the name
of “Journal of International Civil Initiative”.

The newspaper that is published in Turkish-English, is soon planned to
be published in Turkish-Arabic. At the same time it is being published
on the Internet as an online paper, and its recognition and reputation
is increasing rapidly aboard the national and international platforms,
and civil organizations. And being featured as the only, domestically
related, periodical publication is also important. The newspaper
continues to be published in accordance with the following objectives
and principles.

It is a fact how the individuals and the societies are in interaction at
such a rapidly changing world. In addition to influencing the people
individually, communication also reveals new social, political and
economic interactions between the states globally.

Communication is one of the major and active tools in the global
and different culture integration without any doubts. Such a
communication has become a social mass communication tool named  as “society engineering”. However this tool is not used as efficient  as it has to be by the NGOs, which are in fact the backbones of the  societies.

In such a case we see that the services conducted by the NGOs serving
on volunteer basis in the world and in Turkey are not mentioned in
the media sufficiently.

As the International Non Governmental Initiative Journal our aim is to
serve as an umbrella organization for all civil society organizations;
that is to be written communication means where they can explain,
promote and discuss their problems, solutions, activities and social
responsibility projects.

We aim to distribute the Journal free of charge to the Presidencies
and Foreign Ministries abroad; and Presidency, Prime ministry, all
ministries, embassies, all deputies of the Parliament, governorates and
municipalities of 81 provinces, all mukhtar (village and neighborhood
administrators) offices, all political parties, chambers and other
national and international civil society organizations.


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