A Survey of the Giant

The capital Platform carried out a survey within the

25 district of Ankara, with 26 000 subjects in total.

With this study that aims to keep the pulse of the citizens, it was

focused on to learn the expectations of the public especially about

the new constitution, their expectations from central and local

government about health, law enforcement, education and social

assistance, expectations from the ruling and opposition parties and

to determine the problems within the context of administration.

The most important feature of this giant survey is the citizens filled

in the forms in their own handwritings which are also a proof of the

reliability and difference of the survey from any other questioners.

In this way, the platform created a basis of demands by constructing

great pool for preparing projects. For this reason, the prepared,

implemented projects reflect the demands of the society.

The Complex Report

Located in Ankara, the furniture complex, once considered to

be Turkey’s biggest and top-quality furniture manufacturing and

producing area, does not deserve the poor conditions it lays in

during the recent years. A report was prepared by our Platform on

that regard. This report contains the methods to solve the problems

that are faced by the Ankara Furniture Complex and its traders.

Production and sale traders of the furniture complex are trapped due

to the inability to adapt to the constantly changing and competitive

market conditions, and the inability of taking the necessary steps to

develop projects in time. The Furniture complex which holds a great

sense for Ankara’s economy, in order to renew itself, and adapt to

the economic conditions in the developing world and acquire its

deserved value in this field, and so a complex report and a fair project

has been presented to, the Furnishers Complex Chamber (Board

Room Directors), Industry and Trade Minister Zafer CAGLAYAN, and

the mayor of the complex zone Veysel Tiryaki, this report consists of

studies that essentially aims to improve awareness of trademark and

patent, and increasing the quality standards of raw materials, and the

establishment of a national and international fair with organizational

areas that harbors basic measures, a fair that is open for 365 days that

is unparalleled in the world, created based on the expert opinions of

craftsmen and artisans in this subject, for marketing the manufactured

products in the national and international market.


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