The Drug that doesn’t Drug project

All around the world, illegal formations, terrorist and criminal

organizations has become a bleeding wound, using vulnerabilities

in the system, threatening tranquility, peace and brotherhood. These

organizations while extorting the future of our youth, on the other

hand threatens the social peace and serenity. Some of our children

and youth, deprived of education lead a sterile life of uncertainty

and thus, unfortunately, become an easy prey for the criminal

organizations, who benefit from this situation by influencing these

children to join them.


To ensure engaging young people, during their time of

leisure, in areas that will allow self-improvement.


Children and young people spending time in places difficult

to control, like amusement arcades, coffee shop corners, provides

the opportunity to acquire bad habits and friends. As a result young

people learn unwanted behaviors, and think they can reach their

wishes and desires in easy ways or by brute force, and this situation

can be reflected on their school, family, and their social life behavior

at advancing age levels.

The Capital Platform in conjunction with TÜGESAP (All Youth Problems

Research Platform) carried out a project where the subject matter

youth who acquired bad habits, the clutches of the drug reached

children and young people who have fallen into them, were brought

together with helpful and knowledgeable concerned volunteer

families, and young people with health consciousness, and thus

friendships were established in a controlled group, sports activities

were held, so with the help of various activities and a new social

environment, these young people were granted back to the society

by rehabilitating them. This project aims to win young generations to

the community, and build social peace with their helps.


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